Railroad Injury Lawyers in Iowa

Railroad crossing accidents have many possible causes. They include the angle of the roadway to the crossing, the presence of a train parked on a track obstructing the view, and poorly designed warning systems. Having seen the results of too many tragedies such as car-train accidents at railroad crossings, our railroad injury lawyers at Reid Law Firm advise all Iowans to follow safety precautions. We’ve seen the consequences of not doing so and strive to keep all Iowans safe.

Winning Compensation for Railroad Crossing Accident Victims

Reid Law Firm’s team of railroad and train accident lawyers in Des Moines have decades of experience helping Iowans who have fallen victim to railroad crossing accidents receive the compensation, and ultimately the recovery they deserve. Committed to our clients’ legal needs, our team will fully investigate all railroad crossing accident cases to the fullest in order to most effectively and accurately communicate with insurers and juries the full impact of the pain and suffering that our clients endure. When Iowa railroad crossing accidents occur, the responsible parties may include:

  • The railroad company that manages the train
  • The train crew that is supposed to exercise reasonable care
  • The government entity that is supposed to regulate the crossing

In fact, many railroad crossings are operated and owned by government entities. This means that when there are injury claims following railroad crossing accidents, “tort claims acts” govern the litigation procedure. Tort claims acts specify strict time limitations for filing lawsuits. Tort claims lawsuits are often more complicated than ordinary motor vehicle injury claims involving private citizens and insurance companies.

You Can Trust Reid Law Firm’s Railroad Injury Lawyers

It is crucial for people who have been injured at dangerous crossings to seek the counsel of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney who is familiar with the laws governing train accidents. We encourage both injured Iowans and family members of fatal accident victims to contact the highly trained and experienced personal injury lawyers of Reid Law Firm to schedule a free initial consultation.

Understanding the Process of Meeting With a Railroad Accident Attorney

After your visit with Iowa’s railroad accident attorneys at Reid Law Firm, we will begin a full, detailed investigation of all areas regarding your case. It is our mission to help Iowans who have personally or know a loved one who’s been involved in a railroad crossing accident fully recover from both financial and intangible losses. At Reid Law Firm, we guarantee your recovery or you don’t pay. We offer services based on your personal needs. With our legal team, clients will be fully involved in and responsible for all steps taken throughout the litigation process. Our train accident lawyers will ensure you’re familiarized with every step of the process, and receive the full approval of the client on all decisions.

We understand the detrimental effects an accident can have on the victim and their loved ones. Contact Reid Law Firm today for your railroad crossing accident services.

Find a Lawyer Specializing in Railroad Crossing Accidents Near You

Our experienced attorneys focus on obtaining compensation for people who have been injured or left grieving a wrongful death caused by the negligence of others while working to spread important safety information to keep all Iowans safe. Reid Law Firm’s railroad and train accident lawyers take pride in working for our clients’ best interests and strive to satisfy their expectations. We work to settle all cases that should be settled, yet ensure each and every case we take is prepared to be tried . Approaching your case in this manner will give you the best opportunity for an excellent result. Schedule your free consultation with Iowa’s best railroad accident attorneys at 515-381-9842.