Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Iowa

Springtime in Iowa is a time of activity and renewal. For some, this includes getting on the bike for long rides in great weather. Unfortunately, motorcycle crashes are also likely to occur when traffic safety precautions are neglected. Motorists often say they “didn’t see” a motorcycle before a collision. Our motorcycle collision injury lawyers at Reid Law Firm strongly encourage motor vehicle operators to consider the increased numbers of motorcyclists during the warmer weather, and to pay extra attention to traffic safety laws and surroundings while on the road.

Our Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Reid Law Firm’s team of Des Moines motorcycle crash lawyers have years of experience working with victims who have been involved in motorcycle accidents, serving clients from all over the state. We know first hand the consequences that can follow a motorcycle accident, and are committed to helping you receive fair and full compensation . At Reid Law Firm, we take pride in our dedication to every clients’ individual needs, which is why we can guarantee your recovery or you pay nothing. If you have been seriously hurt in a motorcycle crash in Iowa – whether you are the motorcyclist, or the driver of a car or truck – we encourage you to contact an Iowa motorcycle accident attorney at Reid Law Firm to schedule a free consultation.

Motorcycle Accident Legal Investigation Process

Reid Law Firm’s team of motorcycle accident injury lawyers have been working with victims of all kinds of accidents for decades and understand the litigation process can be new and unfamiliar to our clients. That’s why not a decision is made throughout without the full approval and understanding of our clients. Our motorcycle accident injury lawyers will fully explain each and every step of the process to ensure that every decision is made with full intent and accuracy in order to serve your interests and needs. After our first meeting with a client who has been seriously injured in a motorcycle crash, our Des Moines motorcycle accident lawyer will begin a thorough investigation into the following:

  • The circumstances of the accident
  • The nature of the injury, or injuries
  • All available medical records
  • All sources of potential liability and insurance
  • An assessment of all damages including lost wages
  • Estimates of future medical rehabilitation needs and costs
  • Non-economic damage assessments to include pain, suffering and lost enjoyment of livability to enjoy life
  • The loss of parental guidance, when a child is a surviving family member
  • The loss of companionship, when a spouse is left behind

Motorcycle Accident Legal Services You Can Trust

While money can never replace a life, adequate compensation can provide for needs left behind when an innocent person is badly injured or killed. brain injury or spinal cord damage all require special care, expertise and knowledge on the part of competent counsel. Recognizing these realities, the law offices of Reid Law Firm engage experts as necessary to build the strongest possible case for compensation for each of our motorcycle accident victim clients. Most importantly, however, we get to know the families left behind and the injured man or woman in order to present as realistic and complete picture of the loss as possible.

The Best of Iowa’s Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

The Des Moines motorcycle accident attorney at Reid Law Firm recognizes that there is more to our lives than the money we make at our jobs. We believe that our clients work to live, rather than live to work. We are committed to communicating clearly to insurers and juries the full impact of the pain and suffering that our clients and their families endure.

Commitment to justice and full compensation for both the financial and intangible losses of our clients is the driving force behind the law practice of the lawyers of Reid Law Firm. Contact us by phone or email to schedule a consultation.