Local Counsel Attorney & Legal Services at Reid Law Firm Des Moines

Timm Reid, Reid Law Firm’s lead attorney, has assisted lawyers from all over the country as local counsel in matters involving serious personal injury, wrongful death, medical negligence and product liability in Iowa-both State and Federal courts. It is vital that national counsel work with a lawyer who knows the local rules, the judges and has developed a reputation of excellence among the defense bar across the state. Timm Reid has earned a strong reputation as a trial lawyer achieving successful results for his clients, and has decades of experience representing both out-of-state attorneys and law firms from all over the country.

As soon as an accident or incident occurs and you’re in need of local counsel services, contact us to arrange a free consultation and case review with our local counsel attorney. While our law firm offices are located in Des Moines, we provide local counsel services across the state.

About Iowa Local Counsel Law

Choosing the right lawyer to work with, someone who has spent years developing strong personal relationships with the bench and bar will only serve to enhance the value of your client’s case.

Reid Law Firm Local Counsel Services

If you are an out-of-state resident or business and have become involved in litigation in Iowa, call Reid Law Firm, your leading Des Moines law firm. Our team is ready to act on your behalf. When you choose Reid Law Firm’s local counsel services for your personal injury, wrongful death, medical negligence or product liability litigation in Iowa, you can rest assured knowing our attorneys take pride in working FOR our clients and strive to satisfy their expectations. Not a single case gets resolved without the full involvement of our clients and their complete understanding of each step during the litigation process. Our reputation of success and decades of experience is proof of Reid Law Firm’s dedication to our clients and their local counsel needs. Our lawyers headquartered in Downtown Des Moines, Iowa know and fully understand the local court system to represent you.

Our Local Counsel Attorney Is Ready to Take On Your Case

Timm Reid is an accomplished trial attorney who has served as local counsel for many years. We believe in helping national counsel fully prepare a case in order to maximize compensation potential. When our team at Reid Law Firm helps you with your case, that means we believe in it and will serve you with full dedication and effort. The expertise of our local counsel team allows us to accurately and completely evaluate legal claims, give direction as to local rules and customs while effectively advising you as you advise your clients. You can count on Reid Law Firm in Des Moines and our trusted reputation throughout Iowa’s legal community to serve your best interests.

Whether you’re a Des Moines resident or from another state and were injured in Iowa, choose Timm Reid for your local counsel services, and take advantage of the home field. Contact our team at Reid Law Firm today!