Mediation Attorney in Des Moines

Timm Reid, Reid Law Firm’s lead attorney in Des Moines, Iowa, has been involved in mediations as counsel for over 25 years. At its heart, mediating claims is about listening and finding solutions that work. Each matter is unique and presents its own challenges. Timm Reid is a qualified and experienced mediator who has been chosen by lawyers across the state of Iowa to mediate cases for them. Throughout the mediation process,Timm Reid will lead discussions held between the parties in a legal matter, delivering messages to both sides of the conflict and working towards a fair settlement. This includes assessing offers, demands, proposals and more.

Mediation is a completely confidential and voluntary process. It is also official in that a matter can only be settled so long as both parties agree to a resolution. In a case where mediation is not met, an arbitration can be initiated by the claimant.

Mediator vs. Lawyer

When searching for a mediation lawyer near you, it is important to understand the difference between mediation and litigation. Mediators are specialized in facilitating conflict resolution. Many even undertake extensive training in specific areas of law to be fully prepared to handle your particular case. Lawyers already have years of legal training, making them ideal mediators. Timm Reid of Reid Law Firm in Des Moines is both trained as a lawyer and has had many years experience as a mediator with decades of experience serving Iowans as a trial lawyer. Rest assured knowing he is more than qualified to serve your needs with compassion, understanding and skill.

When to Call a Mediation Attorney

Mediation services can be utilized in almost any given conflict where the parties involved are unable to come to an understanding with one another. Such circumstances in which a person may need a legal mediator include:

  • Personal Injury
  • Medical or legal malpractice

The mediation process provides an opportunity where both parties can sit down and have an organized discussion led by the mediation attorney, allowing for an unbiased, third party to guide the conversation and steer the parties to a fair result.

Why Choose Mediation

Mediation comes with many benefits for both the parties and attorneys. In fact, many people involved in a dispute choose mediation over litigation for a variety of reasons:

  • Mediation is more affordable – hourly rates of mediation attorneys are most often lower than that of lawyers.
  • It is faster in finding a resolution to the given conflict – a mediator can typically schedule a mediation within a week of the decision to mediate.
  • Parties involved are able to have private sessions with the mediation attorney and no audience or other outside influence – all sessions are private and cannot be repeated or recorded.

We greatly encourage you to schedule a consultation with a mediation lawyer near you by contacting Reid Law Firm in Des Moines. Our legal team understands the value of your time and money, and wants to help you find a resolution for your case as quickly and painlessly as possible. Avoid the hardships that go along with a litigation process and visit our mediation attorneys today.

Our Role in Your Mediation Case

When you contact Reid Law Firm for your mediation case, our mission is to reach a settlement without the need for arbitration. Our goal is to help the parties involved explore all potential solutions to their conflict. We understand the great importance of seeing both sides in a dispute. Our mediation attorneys ensure all necessary topics are thoroughly discussed throughout the process, while assisting both parties in fully understanding each others’ perspectives.

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Reid Law Firm’s mediation lawyers take pride in working for our clients’ best interests and strive to satisfy their expectations. We work to settle all cases that should be settled, yet ensure each and every case we take is prepared to be tried. Approaching your case in this manner will give you the best opportunity for an excellent result. Contact our office today to speak to our mediation attorney in Des Moines and determine the best next steps for your case.