When To Begin Building A Product Liability Claim

May 20, 2020

Product liability involves the potential fault of a manufacturer of a product that places it in the hands of a consumer who is injured or killed by it. It’s not just the manufacturer that might be held liable either. Other entities like manufacturers of component parts, assemblers, distributors, wholesales and even retailers can be held liable too.

Types of Dangerous Defects

Any person who claims an injury or the death of a loved one from a dangerously defective product must prove that the product was dangerously defective. Attorney Timm Reid at the Reid Law Firm is a Des Moines product liability attorney. He advises that Iowa recognizes three types of dangerous product defects. Those defects follow:

  • Design defects from the drawing board or blueprints. These affect all products in the line.
  • Manufacturing defects that occur during the manufacturing or assembly process. Only a few products in the line will be affected.
  • Marketing defects like faulty instructions or inadequate safety warnings.

Preserving the Evidence

Immediately after entering into a retainer agreement with a client, a quality product liability lawyer is going to begin building a case. If you were injured by a dangerous consumer product, you need to preserve it. Don’t take it apart to try and find out what was wrong with it. That’s a job for a consulting expert who can identify the defect. Bring the product to our offices, and if we enter into a retainer agreement with you, we’ll properly preserve it. If the product was a large industrial machine, we can ask the courts for an order allowing us to inspect it.

After being injured by a dangerously defective product or losing a family member because of one, retain attorney Timm Reid at the Reid Law Firm as your Des Moines product liability attorney. He is going to preserve the evidence and start building your case right away.