The Principles Of Premises Liability

May 20, 2020

Property owners have a responsibility to protect customers, visitors and others who come onto their premises from physical harm, and they can be held financially liable when omissions in this area result in accidents and injuries. The victims of such mishaps may consider taking legal action, but they will need the services of a Des Moines injury lawyer to ensure that they are treated fairly. They can find such help from the Reid Law Firm.

Understanding Premises Liability

Under the “duty of care” principle, property owners need to recognize obvious hazards and either correct them or at least warn others of the threat. These are some common threats that fall under the rules of premises liability:

  • The accumulation of water or other substances on surfaces
  • Ice or snow accumulating on walkways during the winter months
  • Unsecured objects that could fall from shelves or other high places
  • Potholes in parking lots or walking areas
  • Flawed railings on stairways
  • Aggressive animals

Such threats can result in a variety of injuries, including broken bones, lacerations, muscle sprains and brain trauma. Some injuries can even be fatal.

Proving a Personal Injury Case

An injured victim must prove that the property owner was responsible for protecting the victim and breached that responsibility. There must also be evidence that the breach was directly responsible for the injury. Working out these issues will require intervention by a Des Moines injury lawyer.

Seeking Monetary Damages

In cases that are proven, damages may be sought to cover medical expenses and to replace lost wages. They may also be sought to compensate for the pain and suffering related to an injury. In order to help guarantee that the damages awarded are sufficient, those involved in premises liability cases should consider contacting the Reid Law Firm.